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EMS training includes static and dynamic exercises that vary according to different muscle groups. A special suit (BIOSUIT) is used to transmit electrical currents harmlessly to your body. Many muscle groups, including the deepest muscle groups, start to work at the same time, and your performance is much more intense than traditional training.

In the EMS system, the electrical impulses sent by the brain are simulated for the muscles to function and perform their tasks. For every movement we make in our daily lives, commands are sent by our brain with electrical impulses. In EMS training, similar electrical signals are sent to muscle groups. 20 minutes of EMS training is equivalent to approximately 4 hours of traditional training.

The basis of the EMS system goes back many years and has decades of tradition. It was first used by doctors and physiotherapists for rehabilitation and is still in use. Many researches and investigations have clearly demonstrated the effectiveness and harmlessness of the EMS system.

EMS technology has been used for many years not only by doctors and physiotherapists, but also in highly competitive sports. In the medical field, Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is one of the most commonly used treatment methods for muscle-focused complaints (Back-belly pain, etc.). It is also used for increasing the muscle strength of athletes in sports areas where competition is high.

The electrical impulses sent during EMS training are directed to the skeletal muscles and affect only this group of muscles, not reaching the organ muscles or the heart. With the AQ8 Wireless Ems Technology, one of the world's leading companies, you can do your workouts with peace of mind.

One of the most important advantages of the EMS system is its high stimulation on "Fast-contracting Muscle Fibers", which play a major role in muscle building and gaining strength. In classical high intensity strength training, these muscles are worked towards the end of the sets. Stress occurs on your skeletal structure and joints due to extra load in this type of heavy training. With the EMS system you can stimulate these muscles without the need for these loads. Thanks to EMS, you can influence even after muscle failure.

The effect of EMS technology on the heart and circulatory system is much lower than in traditional training. In traditional training, heart rate and blood pressure fluctuate, while in EMS training there are more constant.

In EMS training, many muscle groups work at the same time, resulting in a tremendous improvement in endurance levels.

EMS trainings can be performed as supportive training for all kinds of sports. Many athletes in different fields use EMS technology. With the EMS system, the speed, strength and endurance capacity of the athlete is increased.

Yes, EMS training is exhausting but enjoyable. It's a lot more diaphoretic than you think. As EMS trainings are performed under the control of supervision and planned individually, you will receive training according to your limits and capacity. Your body is not allowed to wear out too much.

EMS trainings are performed by wearing special suit and designed individually. Therefore, it should be performed under the control of expert coaches. Working with a personal trainer makes training more effective. Your instructor chooses intensive exercises for you within your limits and motivates you for maximum performance. It helps you to make the movements right and gives tips to increase the effect. In this way, possible injuries are prevented.