The AQ8 Wireless Multiuser EMS System is manufactured in Spain with high engineering and quality certifications. AQ8 EMS systems represented in 42 countries are manufactured by Lexter Microelectronic Company.

The best reward as engineers is to see our products used by thousands of satisfied people. For almost 20 years we have been dedicated to design and manufacture of devices for the medical, aesthetic and fitness sectors. We want to be a group of honest people doing honest work. We want you to use our technology and get the results you are looking for. We want to make your life better and fuller. We do it for you.

Wireless EMS Technology

You experience the freedom of doing sports indoors or outdoors with wireless EMS technology,

Simultaneously 8 Users

Up to 8 users can be connected the system at the same time.

20 Min.  Enough to Fit

You will be fit in very short time with 20 minute EMS sessions (1 or 2 sessions per week).

48 Hours of freedom

Completely wireless and RF frequency-enabled modules allow you to practise EMS freely; both indoor and outdoor.

700 Meters Distance

A wireless system with autonomy for at least 10 training sessions at a distance of up to 700 meters.

Personal Biosuit

Personal biosuits are used in AQ8 EMS System. Antibacterial, light and odorless.

48 hours freedom

Freely EMS training
Wireless and limitless
Indoor and outdoor