If you don't want to abandon your studio and your brand, allocate us a little space in your studio and look what we can do.

You can benefit from free demo requests and online dietitian service.
(*A monthly service fee is charged.)

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  • Coach training
  • Enjoy your job as your income grows

Improve your business, gain new customers

To increase your work capacity, allocate a small space for AQ8 EMS system
in your gym studio, pilates studio or your beauty center.


AQ8 Technology provides the most profitable and fast way to improve your business

You can improve your business with low investment cost with AQ8 EMS technology. You can start with a starter package for 1 person and upgrade this package up to 8 person system. Moreover, you do not have to invest a new device every time for this. You can instantly upgrade your system at a very low cost, so you can improve your business at the same speed.

Gain new customers, surprise your old customers!

With EMS training system, you can gain new customers who want to benefit from this system as well as make an difference between you and your opponents by providing an extra service to existing customers.

Improve your business with AQ8 Technology

AQ8 follows future developments and innovations that will keep healthy living standards. It updates its technology, and makes life easy.

AQ8 considers business and life balance. It does not steal time from your social and family life while doing sports. It is easy to use. 20 Minutes EMS training performed once or twice a week is sufficient for being fit.

AQ8 EMS sistemi sayesinde makinelere bağlı kalmazsınız. you are not connected to the machines with AQ8 EMS system. AQ8 means freedom. It creates a difference with its superior and sincere service to its members. .

It takes care of the body values ​​and guides his members to follow the nutritionist's healthy food.